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Acne Positivity! All of My ‘Benefits of Having Acne’ Tumblr Posts

A while ago, I started writing my “Benefits of having acne” posts on my accompanying Tumblr blog. Not only because I wanted to make other people with acne feel better, but because I really needed to find some way — any way — to feel better about my skin while I was trying to treat it.

I had done some searching myself for some real benefits of having acne, but any “benefit” that I found someone talking or posting about was almost tongue-in-cheek. Like, ‘what’s a benefit of having acne? well this paper bag on my face is really comfortable, bahahaha.’

That’s not what I was looking for, nor did it make me feel even the slightest bit better about my current situation. So, every few days, I tried to think of some new, real, actually practical reasons why having acne can actually be a good thing.

And, to my surprise, I actually came up with quite a few!

The annoying thing about Tumblr is you’d have to scroll through all my old posts to see each of those acne positivity posts, and I think they’re all important to consider, especially when you’re having a bad breakout or just not feeling the greatest about your skin.

So I’m sharing all of them with you here! (And I’ll try to update my Tumblr and this post regularly with new ones.)

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The Benefits of Having Acne

1. Your standard for clear skin is more realistic than other people’s, which means you’re more likely to actually achieve it some day.

2. Common acne treatments like retinoids are also great wrinkle creams.

3. Acne is a great reason to turn down food you don’t want: “Oh, sorry, I’m not eating dairy/bread/sugar/nuts/meat/soy. It makes me break out.”

4. Doing your makeup will feel like the easiest thing in the world when your skin clears up.

5. We don’t fear old age because at least the breakouts will stop.✌️

6. You’ve dealt with some shit, and you’re stronger because of that.

7. You get to try out tons of skin treatments other people would have no reason to use.

8. Having acne is just one more experience that let’s you empathize and understand others. Even when you get rid of it, you’ll always remember what it was like. People without acne will never truly be able to understand or relate to that experience.

9. You’re way more educated about skincare than people without acne.

10. While your friends are all having their midlife crisis you’ll be celebrating your mature, acne-free skin.

11. Your body is able to communicate that something if off balance with it. As much as acne sucks, at least we’re aware something’s wrong. Wouldn’t it be worse to have something wrong internally with no external signs to warn you?

12. It’s reeeeaally easy to weed those superficial assholes out of your life.

13. You get to feel like a total pro when someone you know breaks out and comes to you for skincare advice.

14. It starts to get really easy to call bullshit on phoney skincare product ads.

15. You can tell pretty quickly if there’s some toxic shit in a new makeup/skincare product you’re using.

16. You have an instant bonding point with other people who have acne.

17. Having acne scars makes you look younger because people associate acne with youth. ✌️

18. You can pretty much only use high quality skincare and makeup products, so at least you know you’re not putting total trash on your face. (Note: high quality doesn’t always mean expensive.)

19. All that research you do trying to cure your acne teaches you a ton about skincare in general.

Acne Positivity Can Be a Real Thing

As hard as it is to have acne, being positive about your skin and everything you learn from having acne makes a huge difference. Once you realize that there are actual, relatable benefits to having acne, it’s easier to see acne as more of a life experience and less of a curse.

I hope my acne positivity ideas help you feel better, if even for just a few moments today.

If you want to share your acne story or some other benefits of having acne I’ve overlooked, leave a comment and let the community know!

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